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Composite Fillings

They Disappear in Your Smile!

White Composite Fillings

They Disappear in Your Smile!

If you have ever had a cavity filled with a silver-mercury amalgam filling, you know how ugly they can look in your tooth. Worse than looks, metal fillings can actually damage your teeth, expanding and contracting when exposed to temperature changes. This movement can cause your tooth to fracture or break; it also allows bacteria to get in under the filling, causing even more decay.

At the Little Falls dental practice of Dr. Greg Liss, we choose to restore teeth with cavities and decay with tooth-colored composite fillings. White composite fillings not only blend perfectly with the natural color of your tooth – virtually disappearing in your smile – they are safer and stronger than metal fillings. Get a healthier, stronger, more attractive smile – simply with tooth-colored composite fillings.