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Restoring Dental Implants in Little Falls, NJ

added on: March 12, 2013

Did you know that dental implants are frequently the best treatment option for replacing missing teeth? Rather than resting on the gum line like removable dentures, or using adjacent teeth as anchors like fixed bridges, dental implants are long-term replacements that your oral and maxillofacial surgeon surgically places in the jawbone.

Dental implants can replace one or all of your teeth. They’re composed of three parts: the titanium implant that fuses with the jawbone; the abutment, which fits over the portion of the implant that protrudes from the gum line; and the crown, which is created by a prosthodontist or restorative dentist and fitted onto the abutment for a natural appearance.

Dental implants in Little Falls are comfortable, attractive, and much more secure than dentures. They help you speak and eat confidently, without worrying about dentures slipping.

Implants are also very durable and can last for many years. When they’re well cared for, they can last a lifetime.

But just as accidents can happen or problems occur with your real teeth, they can happen to implants as well. Dr. Gregory Liss can restore a damaged implant by creating a custom-made porcelain tooth that will fit and blend perfectly with the rest of your teeth or implants.

If you have a damaged implant, or think there may be something wrong with it, call our Little Falls dental practice at 973-256-5001 for an appointment to repair your implant.